Lids Open Days

Lids Open Days began in the Grand Hall, City Halls, at the 2013 'Festival of the Piano'. It has grown into a highly successful event     offering a rare chance for musician, instrument & audience to connect without the usual pressures or expectations to 'perform'.

Due to Covid -19 lock down restrictions It has been nearly 3 years since our last Lids Open Day in 2019. This year, our first public event was held at Springburn Auditorium ( see the 2 videos below ) in Springburn Park, on Saturday 17th September ( 10.30 am-5 pm ). Within the next 2 / 3 weeks we will post a film here of the players on the day . . . . watch this space.

Our events are intended to welcome imperfection and expand widen our experience of listening to ourselves and others playing music in public. Wherever possible, we also aim to offer participants a choice about whether they want to invite along a small audience of family and friends, have some informal tuition or just enjoy fifteen minutes of playing time, without any ears around carrying the usual expectations of being entertained.


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