Last updated: 17th March 2018 

                                                                Welcome to Glasgow Piano City . . . the place to be and the thing to do.                                                                        There are loads of pianos out there to play so what are you waiting for . . .  


Anna Magnusson Radio Piece at the Mitchell Library Lids Open Day.mp3

         Details of our next Lids Open Day will follow around mid march.                       Meantime ~ the film opposite will give you a sense of this event.

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Playing it by Ear ~ the Place to Be, the Thing to Do

Awards for All funding in 2016 let us offer 100 Hours of informal piano tuition in Glasgow with everyone . . . Playing it By EarClick on the image opposite for comments / feedback. This has developed naturally into an initiative to cope with social isolation, loneliness and long term health conditions while also nurturing musicianship, You can read more on this in recent articles in the Pianist and the Scots Magazine in the panel below. It all started life as 'Pianos on Prescription' though we want to create distance from anything that feels too 'prescribed' so we are now just: Glasgow PIano City ~ the Place to Be, the Thing to Do.

Our instruments are on Loan at each host venue. You can join this growing list of piano friendly locations if you CONTACT US . . . HEREWe also have high quality pianos for Hire for performances, events, conferences, festivals, workshops & anything you can think of. 

Press and more NEWS
Click on the images to read 2 recent magazine articles on our project activities in Glasgow. You can also listen to Anna Magnusson's BBC Radio Scotland ' Sunday morning with . . . ' interview here and watch a short film from that Lids Open Day in the Glasgow Room at the Mitchell Library ~ with tunes from Anna herself and some of the players interviewed.
You can also watch Ian Hamilton's BBC Reporting Scotland piece above or here, covering our recent installation of 'Fern' ~ in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital main Atrium.
Lastly . . . a bit of fun from our last Lids Open Day during the 2017 Merchant City Festival with 'the Background Sounds' onstage in the Grand Hall City Halls . . . enjoy !  

 Click on the images below . . . to view & download Pdf photo-booklets with some highlights from our previous years activity.

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