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We repair, restore, tune and decorate piano donations from our Shawlands workspace.   We have acoustic pianos for sale or hire and are remain open by appointment - mostly. We recycle pianos beyond repair in Govan & reuse materials to create artwork/furniture. We also run our Lids Open Days & other public events in grand venues around the city.

Although we have pianos for sale, we are neither a piano shop nor a piano dealer ~ we are something else in between and have evolved into the social enterprise that we are today. In reality, we are offering more of a Piano Transplant Service, where we aim to connect people & pianos with flexible payment plans, opening the door to greater access and appreciation of acoustic pianos. 

Our website was last updated in September 2022. 



We've been busy over the last 3 years ~ building a large scale piano recycling project in collaboration with The Pianodrome Collective. You can watch a short 2 min time lapse film for Lids Open Day 2022  and read Jane Barrie's article in the Sunday Post or watch a longer 18 min film of the whole build process, including an interview with Tim Vincent-Smith. You can also read The Guardian article, July 2020, on Springburn Auditorium.


We are a collective of: people, places, partner organisations and pianos.
We have expertise as: artists, musicians, craftspeople & technicians.

 Artists and Musicians, creatives & technicians  


Locations all around the city with pianos to play


 From community projects to well known businesses


Each with it's own personality, our pianos are all unique

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