Playing it by Ear 

We are very happy to announce that this year we have been successful with three applications for grant funding to: Awards for All ( Big Lottery Scotland ) the Asda Carrier Bag Scheme ( Foundation Scotland ) and Glasgow City Council     ( Arts Development Scheme )

More details to follow on this page soon. For now . . . we will just say a bog thank you to all of them for supporting us to keep doing what we are doing ~ starting with Playing it by Ear  a new initiative to nurture musicianship in Glasgow by offering 100 hours ( total ) of FREE informal piano tuition at a range of events and Festivals throughout the year. 

If you would like a piano lesson . . . there a few ways to go about it. Please complete the contact form below to help us create a mailing list for interest in tuition. We will then be better able to coordinate where & when we offer further piano lessons. 

You can also request tuition when you book in for our Lids Open Day events. Our next LOD will be in the Autumn with date & time to be confirmed soon.

Thank you.


Playing it By Ear ~ Tuition Request