The 2017 Mackintosh Festival sees us return to the beautiful acoustics of Mackintosh Queens Cross for the 5th time on Sunday October 22nd from 11am ~ 4pm. Venue address: 870 Garscube Road, G20 7EL. Google Maps Location . . . hereThere are 3 pianos to play: a Steinway Grand Piano on stage, a unique Broadwood upright and 'Beatrix-Rose', decorated by Avril Paton. You can get a great sense of this event, and of the building, by watching this short film by Charlie Stuart. 

This Lids Open Day will be an experiment and also a wee departure from our usual format ~ with no bookings required.  Over the past 4 years of running this event citywide, we have seen all types of people attending for all types of reasons.  This day will break down roughly as follows. The first two hours ( from 11am - 1pm ) are intended for children receiving tuition supported by our project funding, from local piano teachers and also for beginners or people shy of an audience. There will be a 'free play' block of time from 1 - 3pm for the Steinway Grand Piano on stage with the last hour of the day reserved for some invited singers/players including Helen Minnis, Grace Allison, Alan Kenny, Kate Barrie & Geoff Angus. You can leave the main hall and go through to the 2nd space available to play the Broadwood & Beatrix-Rose at any time. The table below shows how the day will look. We aim to be flexible about everything as ever and respond to ' walk-ins ' ! 

It is not required for this event, as there is no booking as such, though it may help us to organise things if you can email us at to let us know that you would like to come along and play & when you intend to arrive.


   Lids Open Day . . . 2017 Mackintosh Festival  

  Sunday October 22nd ~ Mackintosh Queens Cross ( 11am ~ 4pm )

Beginners . . . 11.00am ~ 1pm

11.00am ~ 11.45am . . . students of Ivan Penev                     11.45am ~ 12pm . . . Ivan playing selected pieces by Liszt.

12.00pm ~ 12.45pm . . . students of Grainne Rooney           12.45pm ~ 1pm . . . a wee break 

Free Play Session . . . 1.00pm ~ 3pm

Play the Steinway Grand Piano on stage in the main hall ~ with a maximum of 15 mins for each person.

( No need to book for this, just turn up & play. We will do our best to give everyone some playing time )

2.30pm ~ 2.45pm . . . . . Kate Barrie will play                           2.45pm ~ 3pm . . . . a wee break

Off the Cuff peformances . . . 3.00pm ~ 4.00pm

3.00pm ~ 3.45pm . . . . . Helen Minnis & Grace Allison will sing accompanied by Alan Kenny.

3.45pm ~ 4.00pm . . . . . Geoff Angus will play                       


This event can offer an invaluable opportunity for you to play, listen, experiment, doodle, sing . . . just you, alone at the piano. 

This LOD, in particular, is an opportunity for you to enjoy that experience and invite ( friends and family ) others to listen too.  This event is a chance for you to play a high quality acoustic piano and make a clearer connection with your own musical voice. This is something worthwhile in its own right, though if you also want to play in public with more confidence you will know we need opportunities to sense how we are 'on stage' without giving ourselves the usual pressure to 'entertain' others or 'perform'.