Lids Open Day ( Summer ) 2016 . . . Thursday June 9th at Mackintosh Queens Cross

" What an honour to play on this piano ! The keys lend themselves to nicety  & acoustics are also perfect. So glad that it is so near ! "                                                                                                            Bernard J. Porter

" What a pleasure it has been to have the opportunity to play in a relaxed, friendly environment with no stresses ! Beautiful venue, piano and event. It is a rarity for these events to occur so I will certainly be recommending them ! Thoroughly enjoyable experience which should be known to all inspired by music. Thank you for a lovely experience."                                                                                               Bronwyn Power  

" What an opportunity for a wee Glesca Wumman to play ' Old Macdonald ' on a Grand Piano ! Many thanks to GPC for this unbelievable Lids Open Day and especially in Mackintosh Queens Cross Church. Beautiful experience. Ya Beauty ! "                                                                                                             C.Cather

"I wanted to thank you for this opportunity since I haven't played for such a long time and it felt  amazing to be in such a friendly and welcoming environment. Thank you for everything. "                            Liz Kaldi

"What a treat. I am now feeling relaxed and happy. Bravo ~ Music. "                                               Avril Paton

" Beautiful space, great piano, welcoming audience ! Thank you for a lovely expereince. "                    Sean 

" A fantastic event ! What a great opportunity for people to play o such a lovely piano in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I will be recommending these events to my students in future. "          Rosalind Ross

These are comments from our latest Lids Open Day. You are welcome to leave us some feedback on your experience around our pianos . . . here . . . and we will add your voice to the others.