This spring finds us back to the beautiful acoustics of Mackintosh Queens Cross for the umpteenth time on Sun May 27th for a unique Lids Open Day during the installation of Museum of the Moon. You will find a 7 metre diameter globe hanging from the ceiling, lit with incredible NASA quality images of the lunar surface to inspire you. There will be 3 pianos to play: the Steinway Grand Piano on stage, the Baillie Scott Broadwood upright and also 'Beatrix-Rose', decorated by Avril Paton. For a good sense of this event, and of the building, you can watch this short film by Charlie Stuart and for a taste of what to expect when you walk in to the Moon in Mackintosh Queens Cross you can watch a film by the artist, Luke Jerram here. 

Please note: there will be a charge of £3 for everyone participating, covering the admission cost to Museum of the Moon. This event will also be unusual for us as members of the public visiting the moon will also be present throughout the day. So . . . If you are nervous about playing in front of people this will be a chance to step up to the edge of your anxiousness and test the water. 

This Lids Open Day will be an experiment and also a further departure from our usual format with no bookings required.  Over the last 4 years running this event we have met all types of people attending Lids Open Day for all types of reasons. This event will be no different. 

We do not require you to book a slot . . . though we ask that you fill out the form at the foot of the page, below the table letting us know when you intend to arrive and what you intend to play. This will help us deal with any potential log jams ! As people respond we will update the page so you can see where there are still gaps to play. You can always just turn up and check if there is space on the day. We will aim to give everyone around 10 minutes or more ( up to 15 minutes max ) depending on the numbers of players. 

The day will break down roughly as follows. The first two hours ( from 11am - 1pm ) are generally intended for children receiving tuition ( supported by our project funding or from local piano teachers ) and also for beginners or people who are more shy of an audience. Remember - doors will be open to the public throughout the day. There will be a 'free play' block of time from 1 - 4pm for the Steinway Grand Piano on stage, with the last hour reserved for some invited players. This may change on the day and be included in as 'free play' time. You can leave the main hall and go to another space where you can have a cup of tea / coffee and play Beatrix-Rose any time. The table below shows how the day will look. We aim to be flexible about everything as ever and respond to ' walk-ins '. 


   Lids Open Day . . . Spring 2018 with Museum of the Moon  

  Sunday May 27th ~ Mackintosh Queens Cross ( 11am ~ 5pm )

Beginners . . . 11.00am ~ 1pm

11.00am ~ 11.15am . . .   Ben                       11.15am ~ 11.30am . . .                       11.30am ~ 11.45am . . .  Auryn

11.45am ~ 12.00pm . . .                                 12.00pm ~ 12.15pm . . .                       12.15pm ~ 12.30pm . . .  Jamie

12.30pm ~ 12.45pm . . .                                 12.45pm ~ 1.00pm . . . a wee break 

Free Play Session . . . 1.00pm ~ 4pm

Play the Steinway Grand Piano on stage in the main hall ~ with around 10 minutes ( up to 15 mins max ) for each person.

( No need to book for this, just turn up & play. We will do our best to give everyone some playing time )

1.00pm Stan                        1.15pm Graeme                              1.30pm    Alan                            1.45pm   Mike

2.00pm Kevin                      2.15pm  Derek                                 2.30pm   Paula                           2.45pm   Naho

3.00pm  Iain                        3.15pm  Elaine                                 3.30pm    Blair                           3.45pm ~ 4pm . . . . a wee break

Off the Cuff peformances . . . 4.00pm ~ 5.00pm

4.30pm . . . Jack Heavenor and the Background Sounds 

I will post more details of who we are inviting to play during this section of the day soon.

 4.45pm ~ 5.00pm . . . . . total eclipse 


This event can offer an invaluable opportunity for you to play, listen, experiment, doodle, sing . . . just you, alone at the piano. 

This LOD, in particular, is an opportunity for you to enjoy that experience and invite ( friends and family ) others to listen too.  This event is a chance for you to play a high quality acoustic piano and make a clearer connection with your own musical voice. This is something worthwhile in its own right, though if you also want to play in public with more confidence you will know we need opportunities to sense how we are 'on stage' without giving ourselves the usual pressure to 'entertain' others or 'perform'.

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