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      You can support our general project activities and/or specific initiatives listed below. 

1 ~ 'Play it Forward': free practice time at the Mitchell Library.     

2 ~ 'Playing it by Ear': subsidised Piano Tuition for those in most need.

3 ~ 'Pianos in Public Places': redistributing pianos back into the community

4 ~ 'Lids Open Day': rare access to Grand Pianos in Grand Places                    

1. Contribute through PayPal by clicking on the button at the top of the page.

2. Make a BACS payment ~ directly into our bank account.                                                           Please use the contact page . . . to request our BACS details.

2. Send us a cheque, made payable to: The Piano Project CIC                                                                                                                            To: The Piano Project CIC, Unit X,                                                                                                                    19 Shawlands Shopping Centre, Glasgow, G52 2JR

    Contributing by Donating a Piano . . . 

There is a process to go through with piano donations - as we need to make an assessment of each instrument and understand each unique story & situation of a piano and it's donor. We cannot make any promises about taking your piano, though we will do our best to find it a new home if we can. This is dependent on many factors including the strength of tuning pins & quality of the mechanism.  We are also increasingly swamped with offers and have pretty much reached capacity on our ability to accept new piano donations.  So ~ we may take a little time to respond & may not be able to help you even if we do get in touch. This is just a reality . . . June 2019.    We want you to have realistic expectations of the process and whether we can find a place to store and / or relocate your instrument. That means that one of the first questions we ask everyone offering to give a piano to our project is: whether you are able to cover or contribute to the cost of moving the piano. Obviously . . . it helps if you don't live 10 floors up !

There is a lot of important info for us to collect for each potential piano donation and we ask that you fill out the contact form as fully as possible. Thank you. If you need to contact us at short notice you can call our Project Coordinator, Tom Binns, on: 07940224365

Apart from donating a piano to us, you can also support the project if you are a musician, artist, performer or someone with time, energy & resources and would like to support the project in some other way in-kind please get in touch on the contact page here. 

Every piano we receive has a unique story to tell about it's life to date and what lies ahead. In 2016, the arrival at David Cargill House   f a lovely Bechstein ~ replacing the Eavestaff that was well beyond it's playable life ~ seemed to instantly lift the spirits of some residents as Jessie ( resident pianist ) sat down to give us all a tune. See the video above. Like most of the others, the story of this donation is a chain of emails, phone calls, piano moves & accidental connections made often at random & fortuitous moments. Thanks to: Susan Christie for her initial piano request, Alice Elms for donating her piano and DCH for covering removal costs.                It looks like the new piano will have a long life and be a genuine pleasure for Jessie to play and the residents to listen to.