NOW FULLY BOOKED . . . you can still come along to listen or chance getting an open slot if someone cancels.

Our next Lids Open Day will be part of the 2017 West End Festival and will see us returning to the beautiful acoustic of Mackintosh Queens Cross ( 870 Garscube Road, G20 7EL ) for the 4th time on Sunday June 18th ( 10am ~ 4pm )           Google Maps Link . . . here

There will be 3 pianos available for you to play ! As well as booking your 15 minute slot on the Steinway Grand Piano on stage you can enjoy an informal tune on their unique Broadwood upright ~ and the Lambert upright piano donation that is now in the process of being decorated by Avril Paton . . . No booking required to play the Broadwood or 'Beatrix Rose' ! You can get a great sense of this event, and of the building itself, by watching a short film by Charlie Stuart here.

You can check which slots are available on the list below and then fill out the booking form underneath that on this page. 

   Lids Open Day  ( Summer - Part I )  2017 West End Festival  

  Sunday June 18th  ~ Mackintosh Queens Cross

1   10.00am ~ 10.15am    Elliot                   2  10.20am ~ 10.35pm     Isla                           3  10.40am ~10.55 am    Stephen                 

4   11.00am ~ 11.15am    Colin                    5  11.20am ~ 11.35am    Andrew                  6  11.40am ~ 11.55 am    Euan

7   12.00pm ~ 12.15pm    Damian             12.20pm ~ 12.35pm   Alessandro             9   12.40pm ~ 12.55 pm  katie

10   1.00pm ~ 1.15pm     Zoe                    11    1.20pm ~ 1.35pm    David                    12    1.40pm ~ 1.55 pm   Grainne 

13   2.00pm ~ 2.15pm     Sam                   14    2.20pm ~ 2.35pm     Grace                    15    2.40pm ~ 2.55 pm   Paula

16   3.00pm ~ 3.15pm    Graeme             17   3.20pm ~ 3.35pm      Phyllis                   18    3.40pm ~ 3.55 pm    Stephen                       


This event can offer an invaluable opportunity for you to play, listen, experiment, doodle, sing . . . just you, alone at the piano. 

This event is an opportunity for you to enjoy that experience and ( if you wish ) let yourself respectfully request that whoever there ( friends & family ) consider taking a take a wee step back to allow an extra breathing space from the pressures that can often exist to perform  or entertain. This event is intended to offer people a chance to play a high quality acoustic piano and to make a clearer connection with your own musical voice. This is something worthwhile in its own right, though if you also want to play in public with more confidence you will know that we need opportunities to sense how we are walking on stage.

The choice is yours . . . to invite friends & family to listen while you play ( along with other participants/ listeners in the hall ) or to request ( on the booking form ) that you have no audience at all . . . and simply have a rare opportunity to play alone.

LOD ( Summer 2017 ~ Part I ) Sunday June 18th, MQC

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