This Lids Open Day brings us back to City halls ( Glasgow's oldest performance venue ) on the last day the Merchant City Festival 2018. If you have ever wanted to play a Steinway Concert Grand Piano on the main stage in the Grand Hall . . . now's your chance ! There will be bucket loads going on around the Merchant City during the European Championships  from Aug 2nd to 12th . . . Check out their online brochure here. We will have 2 Steinways for you to play on the day, with the main stage in the Grand Hall ( now fully booked ) and the Recital Room acting as a 2nd informal space for anyone to play one of the finest instruments in Glasgow, with no booking required ~ just an acknowledgement of the other players waiting their turn. There will be 'Beatrix-Rose' too ~ an upright piano beautifully decorated by Avril Paton. 

Click on the photo of Beth Moore, enjoying " the best 20 minutes of my life " at one of our previous Lids Open Days to take a virtual tour of the Grand Hall for an unusual viewpoint on where you will be playing. You can also get a good sense of this event as a whole from watching a short film Charlie Stuart made at MQC during our 2015 Summer LOD . . . here

 Lids Open Day ( Summer ) Sunday Aug 12th at City Halls, Merchant City Festival 2018.

The timings below will be updated as quickly as we can ~ as bookings come in allowing you to see what spaces are available. The earliest slots ( from 1 - 6 ) will likely have the fewest people around and so if you more shy of an audience I suggest you aim for these. Later slots ( from 7 - 21 ) will no doubt see the hall with a few more people around appreciative of your playing. 

1   11 ~ 11.15am         Rod               2  11.20 ~ 11.35am     Archie              3   11.40 ~ 11.55am     Alex            

4   12 ~ 12.15pm         Richard        5   12.20 ~ 12.35pm   Dougie             6  12.40 ~ 12.55 pm     Bailey            

7       1 ~ 1.15pm         Michael        8       1.20 ~ 1.35pm    Eugene             9       1.40 ~ 1.45pm        Iain       

10     2 ~ 2.15pm         Jamie           11    2.20 ~ 2.35pm     Stan                 12     2.40 ~ 2.55 pm      Abby

13   3.00 ~ 3.15pm      Amy            14    3.20 ~ 3.35pm     Andrew           15      3.40 ~ 3.55 pm     Graeme

16   4.00 ~ 4.15pm      Alana          17    4.20 ~ 4.35pm     Lewis               18      4.40 ~ 4.55pm     ( reserved )

19   5.00 ~ 5.15pm      Harry          20   5.20 ~ 5.35pm     Angus               21      5.40 ~ 5.55pm    ( reserved )

NOTE: Even though we are now fully booked . . . feel free to come along and listen or ask for a reserve slot 

If you have been to our Lids Open Days before and want to play on stage again . . . please still send in a booking form, though you can potentially be put on a waiting list for a slot so that other people can enjoy this event too. You can always come along on the day and play the 2nd Steinway in the Recital room too.


This event can offer an invaluable opportunity for you to play, listen, experiment, doodle, sing . . . just you, alone at the piano. 

This event is an opportunity for you to enjoy that experience and ( if you wish ) let yourself respectfully request that whoever there ( friends & family ) consider taking a take a wee step back to allow an extra breathing space from the pressures that can often exist to perform  or entertain. This event is intended to offer people a chance to play a high quality acoustic piano and to make a clearer connection with your own musical voice. This is something worthwhile in its own right, though if you also want to play in public with more confidence you will know that all musicians need opportunities to sense how we are walking on stage.

The choice is yours . . . to invite friends & family to listen while you play ~ along with other participants/ listeners in the hall. Please note: this will be the last day of the Merchant City Festival 2018 and there will no doubt be a few people walking in who are naturally curious about this event and interested to hear the players so you will likely have an audience - though one with different expectations to the norm. Enjoy

LOD ( Summer ) Sunday Aug 12th, City Halls

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