Lids Open Day was born at Glasgow Music's Festival of 'the Piano' . . . in the Grand Hall, City Halls, Glasgow . . . November 2013 and we will be returning to this inspiring venue once more during the 2017 Merchant City Festival on Sunday July 30th. Book here.

This event offers people the chance to play high quality acoustic pianos, often in grand places and always for free, irrespective of age or ability. The list of host venues is growing, with Pollok House, the Pearce Institute, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the Mitchell Library opening their piano lids ~ along with St Margaret's Episcopal Church and, of course, Mackintosh Queens Cross. So . . . if you know of a great piano out there somewhere in a venue that would be happy to join in ~ please get in touch here. Meantime, you can also listen to Anna Magnusson's piece for Radio Scotland's 'Sunday Morning With . . .' show, with Rikki Ross that aired on June 18th 2017. Anna joined Alan, Graeme, Grace and all the other players on the day and played a tune herself ! 

Anna Magnusson Radio Piece at the Mitchell Library Lids Open Day.mp3

 Big Mary . . . at the Pearce Institute

  Beth Moore " the best 20 minutes of my life "

LOD is not performance based, or primarily about ' entertainment ', instead it is intended to be about contact with a high quality piano. Wherever possible ( depending on realities of each host venue ) we also aim to offer participants a choice about whether you want to invite along a small audience of family & friends, have some informal tuition or just enjoy your 15 mins, without any other ears around ! 

We aim to run at seasonal LOD events each year ~ Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter ~ adding new venues & returning to grand places that we have visited before. Some videos from previous Lids Open Day events are shown below, including our new 1hr long film. Enjoy ! 

Doors Open Day 2015 saw 15 venues opening their piano lids too including: Pollok House, Kelvingrove Bandstand, Govanhill Baths, Mackintosh Queens Cross, the Mitchell Library, Scotland Street School Museum, the Britannia Panopticon and many more . . . 2016 ?